Legal Case Management System Features

All in one Legal Practice Management Software

Our software can help legal practices as all features are built into one application, stored securely on the Cloud and include;

Automated Document Management, Matter Management, Time Recording and Billing, Leads Management, Email Management, e-Signature, Property Search, CRM, Management/KPI Reporting, Executry/Probate, AML and more.

Fully Compatible

With any device

Our Case Management Software is fully compatible with PC, Mac, Tablet, Smart Phone, Microsoft 365 and industry leading third party applications.

CaseLoad is the best cloud-based Legal Case Management & Accounting software for managing all work types and helping legal professionals make their lives easier.

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CaseLoad is fully customisable legal case and practice management software.

CaseLoad Features

Developed with ease of use and functionality in mind. Our whole practice management software platform ensures the fee earner has never been more informed.

  • NEW – Executry Software

    CaseLoad Executry allows you to efficiently manage your client’s estate and automate HMRC forms in seconds. Track & record the assets and liabilities of an estate, integrating with Legal Accounts. Automated generation of all your Executry accounts, providing accurate calculations, from your client data.

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  • Leads Management

    Understand where your leads are coming from and start to measure your conversion rates Then measure the status of leads from your KPI dashboard, showing types of enquiries and what business is being won and lost.

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  • Smart Event – Task Automation

    Smart Event Task Management Automation reduces the manual handling of simple tasks or a series of more complex tasks to make your admin processes more efficient and employees more productive.

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  • Management/KPI Reporting

    CaseLoad has the ability to provide you with fully customisable dashboard views, showing recent matter activity, KPI reports and other useful widgets. Access every performance report instantly

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  • Document Production

    Avoid copy and paste calamities with easy to access styled templates and options to record the time, create a follow up event reminder and even email direct to the client.

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  • Client Communication

    CaseLoads Customer Relationship Management feature helps you to manage interactions with clients and potential clients, build customer relationships and streamline processes.

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  • Event Attachment Management

    Instantly update the event date or status if you are completing a planned event. Email the event or reply to your client straight from the planned events window.

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  • Court Diary

    Linked with all matter activities, providing automated reminders to ensure important dates (i.e. a court hearing) aren’t missed.

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  • Matter Management

    Take the guesswork out of your daily tasks with enhanced matter and event management.

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  • Email integration

    With CaseLoad’s Office 365 Outlook integration you can unlock tools to sync and customise client communication. This means you’ll be able to track all client communication and events – from comments to emails – giving you a full record of correspondence for reference.

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  • Client Creation

    Capture your client data and all interactions will be much easier with document production templates doing the leg work for you.

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  • Electronic File View

    View all documents within a matter. Opens a full screen window which displays the first document within the matter. You can then scroll through the documents from oldest to newest.

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  • Time Recording & Billing

    Calculate time spent on specific tasks or a whole project, making the invoicing and legal billing process easy. Our workflow is automated to track working hours, create invoices and generate reports.

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  • Nominal Views

    Viewing monthly performance and revenue trends is all available on one screen via our legal software.

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  • Matter Account View Grouping, Ordering & Filtering

    Quickly analyse clients onboarded in specific periods, check what work types are most common and see individual fee earner performances on any criteria in one screen.

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  • Cash Book Accounts

    Easily monitor cash flow performance with the Cashbook accounts section, which has access to client, firm and any other bank accounts you have. See period movements on screen with current balances and track the debit and credit postings on each account.

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  • Bookmark & Tag Events

    Keep your matters organised by bookmarking significant events in our case management solution depending on the work type.

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  • Notifications

    Control you own ‘noise’ to enable improved communication to help users manage their workloads and ensure accurate and timely completion of tasks keeping clients happy and processes running smoothly

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  • DocuSign – eSignature

    You can now use DocuSign to complete approvals and agreements in minutes or hours, not days or weeks. Quickly and securely access and sign documents. Easily upload and send documents for others to sign. Send reminders and check signing status almost any time.

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  • Amiqus – AML

    Our integration with Amiqus allows your clients to complete their ID checks from the comfort of their own home and allows you to communicate workflows, risk assessments, and client data using CaseLoad.

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  • Property Searches Scotland Integration

    This integration will allow CaseLoad users to leverage Property Searches Scotland extensive suite of over 30 reports. Our clients will benefit from a new way of ordering their full suite of reports with Property Searches Scotland without ever leaving our case management system.

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  • Bundledocs – eBundling

    Our Bundledocs integration allows you to prepare your case files in your case management system and seamlessly transfer them to Bundledocs to create quality professional briefs, document bundles, reports, eBooks or electronic bundles.

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  • Signable – eSignature

    Signable is an electronic signature providing law firms with a legal way to get consent or approval on online contracts or forms. They are legal, tested, secure, auditable and verifiable.

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  • The Link App – Client Portal

    Managing multiple cases, keeping clients up to date on a daily basis and requesting or receiving information at the right time are challenges you face, that we can resolve.

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  • Millar & Bryce Integration

    CaseLoad introduces a new way of placing orders with Millar & Bryce. Allowing you to start placing orders more accurately and efficiently without leaving your case management system.

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  • SLAB Integration

    Using the SLAB integration option, you can submit Work Items from Time Recorded entries in CaseLoad directly to SLAB and Request Payment.

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  • SCTS – Civil Online

    CaseLoad is now fully compatible with Civil Online – a fully digital service for simple procedure cases, enabling cases to proceed from end to end online.

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