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Executry/Probate Case Management Software for Lawyers 

Executry/Probate software is a flexible and powerful tool for recording, storing and manipulating the asset and liability details of an executry/probate – along with tools which aid the production of the inventory, the executry accounts and other required executry forms.

Our event management system contains a series of workflows and a diary system to track all events to ensure that no key tasks are missed.

Denovo is supplied with a wide range of executry templates which can be adapted to your requirements.

Automate the manual process

Automation of document production at all key stages of an executry/probate using an array of templates including letters, petitions and forms.

Specific tools to help automate the production of the Inventory, petition and other Tax forms along with tools to record all the assets and liabilities of an estate, automated matching to receipts and payments – including seamless integration with the Legal Accounts solution.

Automated generation of the Final Account of Charge and Discharge or Capital, Income and Distribution.

Reduce Risk & Save Time

Executry/Probate solution will give you peace of mind and substantially improve risk assessment and overall management of the process by providing automatic production of letters and forms and populates the required data directly into HMRC tax forms.

Increasing Fee Earning potential the whole process of automation of workflow by Intelligent Executry lends itself to increased involvement by unqualified staff (including supervision and monitoring tools and reports for partners) thus releasing Fee Earners to deal with other fee generating work.

Integration with Legal Accounts System

The Executry/Probate system can work alone or seamlessly with our Legal Accounts interface, harnessing the existing power and functionality of Denovo but introducing a powerful, highly automated executry/probate tool. It offers an extra layer of functionality on top of the already powerful Client Relationship Management and Case Management tools offered by the Denovo solution.

executry probate screen

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