Grouping, Ordering & Filtering

Quickly analyse clients onboarded in specific periods.

Check what work types are most common and see individual fee earner performances on any criteria in one screen.


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Let us show you how easy it is to Group, Order & Filter data in CaseLoad.

Matter Account View

Display only the contents you wish to see by using filters e.g. Fees Out, Job Type, Location or any of the customised columns which appear.

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Let us show you how simple it is to filter the content you wish to see in a matter.

Benefits of Grouping, Ordering & Filtering and Matter Account View

  • Group and subgroup by any column to get insights on all matter account info
  • Date range capabilities give insight to when matters where onboarded
  • Numeric ranges allow you to quickly see fees raised or outstanding
  • At client level you can track sources of business monthly and annually


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