CaseLoad Coaching Session 7 – CaseLoad Demonstration


Hosted by:

Grant Yuill
Grant Yuill
Head of Marketing & Customer Engagement
Steven Hill
Steven Hill
Operations Director


Join legal technology expert Steven Hill, Operations Director at Denovo, and Grant Yuill, Denovo’s Head of Marketing for a free webinar session, as they showcase all the key features of our whole practice management software solution, Caseload.

Wednesday 19th August 2020 at 3:30pm

Steven and Grant will take you on a journey through all the latest features of CaseLoad. You’ll have the opportunity to see how powerful the software can be and receive insight into exactly how Denovo can help manage your business better.

The objective is to illustrate how simple this kind of technology can be to use. We want to encourage you approach technology like this slightly differently, by not only showing you how the software works but clearly outlining the benefits to you and your firm.

We will show you how we can help your firm be more efficient and ultimately how CaseLoad and the Denovo team can become an integral part of your business strategy to meet your goals and objectives.

Duration: 60 minutes


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CaseLoad Coaching Session 7 – CaseLoad Demonstration

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