CaseLoad Coaching Session 18 – Software for Conveyancing Lawyers


Hosted by:

Grant Yuill
Grant Yuill
Head of Marketing & Customer Engagement

Software Demonstration by:

Steven Hill
Steven Hill
Operations Director

We keep profitability at the core of CaseLoad conveyancing. In 2020 our expert, in-house software developers have worked with our law firm partners to introduce timesaving, efficiency-enhancing features to our software, designed to take your support staff through the conveyancing process with minimal input from a fee earner. For firms moving from manual conveyancing or low-level software to a software solution, the increase in capacity and scope for growing profits is significant.  

During this webinar Steven Hill, Legal Tech Expert and Operations Director at will show you how dynamic law firms, wishing to exploit the newly revived property market, are using CaseLoad to help streamline processes and increase capacity for handling larger volumes of work. He will also provide insight into how some of these key features help Conveyancing Lawyers in their day to day working life.

Topics we will cover are as follows:

  • Client Intake Process
    Send a client a full quote as soon as the enquiry arrives within just a few steps with our handy fee calculator and quote submission.

    Reporting on clients won and lost plus track which sources are the most valued.

  • E-signature & Data Collection
    Send single documents or document packs out for signing to as many parties as required and have the data collected saved back into the system without any manual input. Eliminate postage, minimise delays and deliver the client experience they expect.
  • Bookmarks & Tags
    Tag key documents on the events view to make finding them easier at any point during the transaction.
  • This will enhance transparency across the firm to always know what stage a case is at.

  • Email Management
    You can compose Outlook emails from within caseload and automatically save them to the relevant case with any attachments. From lists of documents/events within Caseload you can launch Outlook and send them on to relevant parties.

    Duration: 30 minutes


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