CaseLoad Coaching Session 15 – Software for Civil Lawyers


Hosted by:

Grant Yuill
Grant Yuill
Head of Marketing & Customer Engagement

Software Demonstration by:

Steven Hill
Steven Hill
Operations Director

Eliminate time consuming & repetitive tasks in the civil litigation environment with the ability to manage matter specific tasks and enhance firm wide collaboration.

Having all case data and communication within Caseload you will see how it easy it is for a person or team to work on the case, manage deadlines and prepare the file to go to court.

Diary management is a key part of any case and the ability to view upcoming dates in the court diary and upcoming events makes it easy to view important deadlines to prepare for.

During this webinar Steven Hill, Legal Tech Expert and Operations Director at Denovo will show you how CaseLoad is a complete Civil Litigation Law Case Management Solution, that will help you automate your workflow and streamline your communication process, as well as having the ability to review and increase efficiencies in the long run. Steven will also be providing insight into how some of these key features help Civil Litigation lawyers in their day to day working life.

Topics we will cover are as follows:

  • Time Tracking & Billing
  • Task Management
  • Event Navigation & Categorisation
  • Email & Text Communications
  • Creating Court Bundles
  • Court Diary Management

Duration: 30 minutes


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