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Hey Legal’s mission is to help Scottish lawyers to thrive, learn easily through innovative content so that they build great careers and businesses, help more clients and do more great things. Hey Legal was set up by Ally Thomson, a non practising Scottish solicitor with the bold aim of creating an online world which captured and enhanced the vibrancy of the Scottish legal sector. Unique content of value, always with an eye for an insightful anecdote, and where possible a laugh or two..

Hey Legal feature experts who can educate the legal community. They create courses and channels which help lawyers achieve all of the great things they do. They feature experts who can educate our audience and promote knowledge sharing at all times. They help young lawyers and students start great careers. They can also help law firms with their own projects too. Hey legal can make your business project come to life rather than being an underdeveloped idea. You know the law, they know the digital world.

As a bonus – their content qualifies as CPD too!

Denovo has been a key sponsor and strategic partner of Hey Legal since its launch in January 2020. We became involved with Hey Legal as we share common aims – making the working lives of lawyers easier, and introducing new ideas and thinking in to law firms. We have sponsored content which has featured diverse topics such as:

⦁ Black letter law
⦁ Health and Wellbeing
⦁ Technology
⦁ Business Planning
⦁ Marketing
⦁ Self -Improvement
⦁ Interviews with legal sector and business sector leaders
⦁ Corporate Social Responsibility

You can get involved by joining one of Hey Legal’s channels or signing up for their accredited courses. Follow them on Twitter, sign up to their newsletter, watch their YouTube videos.

In today`s world lawyers need to be great at everything and for that reason we are always striving to do more for our law firm partners. One of the key ways we will be supporting you in 2022 is by developing free CPD events with Hey Legal. The content we are creating is bespoke and specifically created for Denovo’s community of law firms.

Beyond that, if you think they can help you in any way contact them via

Watch our discussion with Ally Thomson, Founder of Hey Legal


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