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Time Saving for Solicitors 

Whether it’s to spend more time on the golf course or more time at home with your children everyone would like to have a bit more time for themselves which doesn’t involved drowning in paperwork.

Just a third of UK working parents go home on time every day and one in 10 spend less that an hour with their family on a working day, according to a new study.

The study by Working Families and Bright Horizons also found 41% of UK working parents do extra hours in the evenings or weekends, after they have gone home, all the time or often. This rises to over 60% of parents in London.

Other findings are that working parents in London go home on time most often (41%); with parents in the South West going home on time least often (28%). For two in five UK working parents, work is regularly stopping them putting their children to bed. This rises to three in five parents in London. Parents in Scotland are most likely to be there at bedtime (42%).

Create an agile working environment

One of the core benefits of cloud based legal software is to make more agile working practices a reality. By enabling employees to work remotely and from locations other than their workplace desks, businesses can reap the benefits of reductions in overheads, as well as improvements in productivity and the more positive company culture that tends to result from giving employees more choices. What’s the time saving benefit? Anything from commuting to increased productivity in a non-office environment that improves efficiency and concentration.

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