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With our Legal Aid you are in control of monitoring claims to and payments from SLAB/LSC. Legal Aid allows the recording of each claim sent to SLAB/LSC, the amount received from them, the value of Abatements accepted and the value of Abatements remaining in dispute.

Management Reports comparing each aspect of SLAB/LSC transactions are available at your fingertips. For our law firms’ customers in England & Wales, over 18,000 rules built into our software help law firms comply fully for the purpose of Lexcel inspections.

Regular monitor & submissions pay dividends

With our Legal Aid you are in control of monitoring claims to and payments from SLAB/LSC. The amount of an Account submitted for payment can be recorded against the case without affecting the overall Balance. The amount of Legal Aid Outstanding is automatically shown as a memo balance on the individual ledger and available throughout the software.

On the payment side, there is a new feature to cover every eventuality. Legal Aid matching allows you to process: Accounts paid in full, paid but with accepted abatements. This flexibility ensures that you are accurately recording the true payment status, giving you a clearer picture of just what is and isn’t being paid.

Where abatements are in dispute these figures are retained on the system. You keep track of these sums by running one of the many Management Reports, and in this case, the Legal Aid Outstanding Report. All reports can be grouped by Analysis types which, include Fee Earner, Department and Office.

Set limits so you don’t lose revenue

Losing Revenue by doing Legal Advice & Assistance work without enough Authorised Expenditure? Legal Aid helps you keep abreast of what your limits are through automatic messaging. To track your Authorised Expenditure limit, simply set the current amount on the Job or Matter Account and you will be advised when your Work in Progress is approaching this amount. This gives you the opportunity to submit your Increase form in advance of doing the required work.

A single-click from the Job or Matter Account will launch your Internet Browser and take you direct to the SLAB/LSC AA/INC pdf form for completion. To record the increase simply add this as a time recording entry. This automatically updates the Legal Aid section of the Job or Matter Account with the new Authorised Expenditure limit. A full history of dates and amounts granted is kept on the ledger. Get the information you need using Intelligent Legal Aid. Your software can be configured to use the Legal Aid or Legal Advice & Assistance reference number as the equivalent of a Fee Note number on a Private Fee. This means that all SLAB/LSC Accounts consistently use the correct reference number.

Document WIP (Work In Progress) to avoid losing profit

Legal Aid also deals with document-based activities such as Letters, Mandates, Court Writs and the like. When these documents are generated through the system, the option to time record the entry, on a “per sheet” or “per page” basis, is available.

Let’s not forget about the implications of calculating the value of Work in Progress for Tax Calculation purposes. Having time recorded as part of your daily routine means that you can ensure your Work in Progress is reduced to the minimum amount by Billing clients in advance of the Tax Date threshold. Events is a term, within Denovo Business Intelligence, that refers to all types of contact between a Legal Firm and its clients.

Everything from Telephone Calls In/Out, Email In/ Out, all letters produced for the clients and letters incoming can all be easily generated via the Events feature. As a consequence all areas of work can be stored within the Denovo suite of software with less user input than the traditional methods whilst enabling the practice to build up a complete electronic file with every movement time recorded, date and time stamped.

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