Practice Performance Matters

Increase Productivity

Our practice management software makes managing your practice a whole lot easier. For legal teams, this means empowering other departments to tackle their own legal matters, whether it’s drafting contracts or gathering insights via real-time analysis and reporting tools. With more effective collaboration, departments can significantly reduce the amount of administrative tasks they do, and concentrate on more strategic work.

From the analogue to the Digital Process

Casleoad can also allow legal practices to provide department heads templates for standard contracts or agreements, saving everyone time. This solution can also allow you to assign tasks or automate workflows, simplifying the most complex work processes. Escalation processes can be set up with the possibility to have automated reminders to open tasks or deadlines by e-mail. The ability to track the status of all your legal matters in a single dashboard gives you more control and oversight than if you were to use manual tools like spreadsheets.

Standardising the way all employees work in the department

With a central database for all your legal data – like contracts, corporate governance, policies, etc –, both past and present, you can generate insights which can help you assume a more strategic role. Being able to identify compliance risks or contract opportunities earlier can have an impact on your bottom line.

Efficiency across all departments

Lastly, cloud solutions support cross-departmental collaboration by using a central information system with different interaction options for real-time collaboration. This eliminates the need for meetings or telephone calls, by centrally storing the data and the communication to the respective process.


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Flexible working

More than 86% of businesses offer remote and flexible working, find out how your firm can too.

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Improve accuracy, efficiency and profit by automating laborious, repetitive, time-consuming processes.

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Diary Management

Plan your workload with ease and minimise the time spent managing people, time and most importantly clients.

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Time Saving

Whether it’s to spend more time on the golf course or home, everyone would like to have a bit more time for themselves.

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