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Flexible Working for Lawyers

Research from the British Chambers of Commerce and BT Business has revealed that 60% of UK SMEs already use cloud-based applications. The survey of around 400 IT decision makers in UK businesses, with up to 250 staff, found the cloud was critical to flexible working.

Of the businesses interviewed, 86% said they have staff working from home regularly. It found that 47% have staff working away from the office at least once a week and 28% have someone working remotely every day.

A total of 43% said cloud-based applications were critical to effective flexible working and 52% said access to company data was essential.

Meet the needs of your employees for mobility.

The idea of mobility – or rather the ability to use the solution via laptops, tablets or smartphone. This offers entirely new possibilities to make better use of your time or to improve the work-life balance (the flexibility to work from home). Since no data is stored or processed locally (on your work computer), you benefit from being able to access the latest version of your Caseload from any device, any time of the day.

Everything stored to the cloud is synchronized in real time, so you can access it via secure remote desktop connection on any device. And thanks to the encrypted data transmission with secure password protection, if you have internet access you can log-in from any device – a benefit that can come in handy in an emergency!

Staff efficiency improvements

Lastly, cloud solutions support cross-departmental collaboration by using a central information system with different interaction options for real-time collaboration. This eliminates the need for meetings or telephone calls, by centrally storing the data and the communication to the respective process.

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