Practice Performance Matters

Client Retention for Law Firms

If you have been practicing law for a long time, you know that there are some reasons clients leave that you can do nothing about. Some may leave you for a competitor. Some may leave because they don’t need you anymore — the matter is over, or they have decided not to pursue it.

Communication is key

By far, though, the biggest reasons clients leave is because they perceive an attitude of indifference from your firm or are dissatisfied with your service. And that is something you can change.

Preventing clients from leaving you starts with a commitment to client retention

Nothing will send a profitable client packing faster than poor communication. We often hear a law firm receiving a poor review because they simply didn't communicate status updates to their client.

It’s a bad habit and one you can break, even if you’re a busy sole practice or small firm. Allowing Caseload to insert a communications process in place to fill in for the shortfalls meaning email updates, text updates, even letters are very simple and efficient ways of keeping the client informed.

Being responsive will keep clients happy and informed

The most successful firms have a process for returning calls and emails — usually within an hour of receiving them. If you’re going to be in court all day, have your email and phone messages monitored by someone in the office and task them with replying (but not with giving legal advice, unless they are also a lawyer). Even if it’s to say you are currently unavailable, this at least lets clients know you are aware they need you and will get back to them as soon as you can.

Getting your secretary to record the customer interactions on Caseload means your planned events can be organised allowing to communicate efficiently with your clients at a time that suits you.

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