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Client Communication Software for Lawyers

Your clients are more demanding than ever before. Not only are they more likely to shop around, be sensitive to price and more discerning, they are likely to want more from you in terms of communication and 'value'

Improving Client Engagement

In the digital age clients need constant communication to know the status of their cases. Caseload will transform this and inform the client as little or often as required the status update of their case.

Positive experiences of law firms improve client engagement and increase referral opportunities. Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool a lawyer can have.

We often hear a lawyer criticised for poor communication more than how they performed on the case or transaction.

Building the case to communicate is what matters

Advanced matter integration allows you to build your caseload, manage the workload from your dashboard and communicate progress updates as often as you want using document production, email & text messages to send out updates to the client.

Inbuilt office 365 integration brings outlook into your case management system, allowing you more time to focus on more clients or less hours behind the desk doing administrative tasks.

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