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Automation for Law Firms 

Most law firms are document heavy, meaning there is a high chance for error when typing and re-typing information. With legal document software, both simple and complex documents smartly use the information and data in Caseload to save time and eliminate errors from inaccurate drafting.

Avoid repetition to let the wizard do the work

Enter client data into Caseload just once and avoid re-typing information to allow you to focus on what matters - your cases.

The power of having the best legal document preparation software inside of your case management system ranges from never re-typing an address into a document again to automatic paragraph inclusion based on your facts and parties, whole document packs can be created within a few steps using the document production wizard.

The capability to build automated legal forms and get documents out the door with the help of legal document software, the more volume you can take and the more profit for your firm or the more time you must focus on serving the law.

Build your document preferences with our expert template creation team

You’ve spent time perfecting your firm’s standard documents, you know your process — let’s not start from scratch. With our legal document software capabilities, your current legal forms will look exactly the way you like them, merging in any data you need from the case matter.

Our experienced legal document assembly software team will also work with your firm to improve document management for lawyers like you using forms across the country. Your firm’s letterhead and preferred fonts are also customised for ease of use with full documents or blank letters and court submissions.

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