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Peter F. Mason, Director

Macleod and MacCallum have been serving clients across the Highlands and Islands of Scotland for over 50 years.
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Peter Says...

What where your fears when choosing a new provider?

When choosing a new provider, the biggest fear was probably the fear of change. We had been with our previous provider for many years, and whilst our system was becoming somewhat dated, we were comfortable with it and knew how it worked! Changing to a new provider, with a new system, would no doubt mean upheaval and some initial pain while this bedded in, and our hope was that the longer term this would bear fruit.

Why did you chose Denovo?

We chose Denovo, after looking at other providers, because of the flexibility and adaptability of the systems. We were advised by Denovo that they would work with us to customise the system to our operating practices, and it was this potential to adapt a system to suit our particular market, work type and environments, that made us commit to Denovo. In addition, Denovo did offer a comprehensive package, which covered not only our data management for the legal practice, and provided us with an Accounts package, but als had a dedicated Property and Lettings softwar system, together with an enhanced Executry module.

What have been the highlights since implementation?

There have been various highlights since the implementation of the system, but starting to see staff members realising the benefits that the system can bring, and growing enthusiasm for a new system, is probably my ongoing highlight. It does take time for users to change their practices, but it is interesting once they have committed to the change how readily people adapt to this. Another highlight which we are now starting to see the benefit of is the reduction in paper and filing we are largely dealing with electronic filing, and this has enabled a number of users to operate without a paper file, which is quite revolutionary! We hope that we can continue to roll out this throughout the office, and aim for the ultimate "paperless office" although this may just be a myth!

How did Denovo improve efficiencies?

With the implication of Denovo, we have considerably reduced our paper output we no longer have to print all correspondence, print emails and then have these manually added to a paper file. This has reduced considerably printing costs, filing and admin time, and ultimately will be a saving for us in file storage as our offices and storage facilities were at bursting point, and we can now see some light at the end of this particular tunnel With the utilisation of templates, we are now seeing the time savings in the production of documents, with the freeing up secretarial time to work on other tasks. 


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