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Will All UK Businesses Join The Cloud? It Looks Like It!

According to a recent study, sixty-two per cent (62%) of all businesses expect to be running their entire IT setup (100%) in the Cloud by 2020 – less than five years time.

The research, which was undertaken by BetterCloud and involved surveying 1,500 IT professionals from fifty-three (53) countries, including the United Kingdom, looked at the:

  • Rate of cloud adoption in businesses;
  • Differences in cloud office systems and their customers;
  • Current / expected cloud app usage rates; and
  • Impact that cloud systems on have on office productivity, collaboration and costs.

In addition to the above, said survey shows that, presently, only twelve per cent (12%) of enterprises run their whole IT system(s) via the cloud, while this number is expected to exceed twenty-five per cent (25%) during or prior to 2017.

Despite these findings, with twenty-seven per cent (27%) of businesses stating that they would never go one hundred per cent (100%) cloud, it’s evident some organisations remain reluctant to go ‘all in’ with cloud computing.

The numbers relating to cloud adoption change somewhat depending on the age of the enterprise involved. For example Sixty-six per cent (66%) of business, which are five years old or younger, expect to run all of their IT operations in the cloud by 2017, while a mere nine per cent (9%) of organisations, which are 21 years or older think they’ll fully operating from the the cloud within the same time frame.

BetterCloud’s research also shows that currently, on average, businesses are making use of eighteen (18) cloud applications, with said number set to reach fifty-two (52) over the next two years (2017).

Commenting on his organisation’s findings, David Politis – the CEO of BetterCloud – said:

“We are at the beginning of the biggest shift in IT in more than twenty years. The growing use of cloud office systems and the increasing reliance on cloud applications is driving us to a tipping point — an entirely new way of working…”

“…Cloud office systems are the foundation of the transition to the cloud, serving as the gateway to overall cloud adoption. Running one hundred per cent (100%) of IT in the cloud was unthinkable only a few years ago, but as our data shows, in less than 10 years it will be the norm”.

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