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Why You Can Trust Us – And the Cloud

At Denovo we have guided law firms through most of the technological advances of the last 30 years. We appreciate fully that law firms want to gain all of the benefits of new case management software but can be wary of embracing change – when a business is busy it is difficult to consider taking on another project even if the rewards are great. That is why our focus is entirely based around guiding you through such a process seamlessly and without interruption to your ongoing business.

We have worked with the Law Society of Scotland, The Scottish Legal Aid Board and LSC. Our testimonials and case studies show how we have helped law firms of all sizes to gain the benefits of using our software.

So, you can trust Denovo to look after your cloud computing software needs. Can you though trust the cloud? We know lawyers, quite rightly, want reassurance over the security of their data, data confidentiality and its location. Equally, service reliability and stability are issues that routinely are discussed. As you would expect as part of our initial discussions with you, and as we assess your needs on an ongoing basis, we will discuss and confirm to you that the cloud offers the most secure service to protect you and your clients – your data will be more secure through working with us.