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UK Cloud Computing Adoption Rate Now Exceeds 80%

The adoption rate of cloud computing services in the United Kingdom now exceeds 80 per cent according to new research commissioned by the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF).

In addition to finding that the UK cloud adoption rate sits at 84 per cent, CIF’s study, which involved surveying approximately 250 senior IT managers across the UK, 70 per cent of those surveyed expect the adoption rate to rise over the next year.

This expectation is perhaps likely given that the use of cloud services have grown substantially in recent times. In particular, it has increased 8 per cent in the last twelve months and 75 per cent since 2010.

Commenting, CIF Chief Executive Officer of CIF, Alex Hilton, stated:

“Cloud computing has come a long way in just a few short years. When we commissioned our first major research project into the UK Cloud market in 2010, just 48 per cent of organisations had consciously adopted a cloud service…”

“During this time, cloud has moved from the edge of the IT estate to its centre, and it is now largely regarded as just another way that we do IT. Importantly, it is, by and large, delivering the benefits the industry promised it would deliver…”

Hilton continued:

“Although more organisations than ever are committing to a 100 per cent cloud environment, the vast majority are a long way from migrating their entire IT estates; just 15 per cent consider their primary IT model to now be cloud, and around half of businesses cannot foresee a time when they will move all of their IT to the cloud – instead managing a blend of IT delivery models.”

Also commenting, Tim Jennings, Ovum Chief IT Analyst, stated:

“It’s less about cost savings and cloud enabling IT at the centre, and more about cloud enabling business processes,” said Jennings, who was speaking at the Ovum Industry Congress in London this week. “This change is firmly in place, and nowhere is this more prevalent than line of business uptake of software-as-a-service.”

“For IT then, the challenge comes back to the ‘Shadow IT’ dilemma – or how to offer a consolidated, continuous, secure set of services…”

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