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Time & Files

This powerful, software is a must for all firms committed to court work whether it be on a Private Client basis or on a Legal Aid Basis. By using the software it enables UK solicitors to capture and record time and the subsequent charge against each client matter by simply carrying out the work.

For example the automated document management part of the software creates the document and instantly updates the charge to the client file as a by-product. The system is clever enough to know that a document is single or multiple pages long. This same ethos applies to all input into the system including meetings in-house, outside, court appearances and so on.

The system can apply the correct charge for the type of case, the appropriate rate for qualified solicitors and non qualified staff and can even calculate the complex split on travelling time to prison, court across however many matter it effects. At anytime the system can create an interim feenote and can report extensively on WIP by fee earner, department, work-type and so on.

The Denovo Intelligent Time & Files system has become widely used owing to the increased requirement for information on work in progress. This is supplemented by a better need for management information within all busy Legal Firms, large or small, not to mention a desire to increase fee billing where appropriate.

Accurate Time Billing Software for Lawyers Scotland, England & Wales, Northern Ireland

Our software is ideal for court lawyers (criminal defence, litigation and legal aid) in Scotland, England & Wales and Northern Ireland. Recording even one additional unit of time per day per fee earner can add substantially to the overall profitability of a firm. Make your practice more profitable by accurately billing the work carried out by being able to justify the fee due to exact records of the work carried out and of course the correct billing method deployed by the system (which is of particular interest to those firms who carry out either criminal defence or community legal work).

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Contact Denovo to discuss how we can help you take your law firm to the next level through our advanced time and file management solutions. We will explain how we can help you operate more profitably – we are not an overhead, we are a profit generator.

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