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Tag Archives: European Cloud Computing

Denovo Achieve Cloud Industry Forum Certification

Denovo Cloud Industry Forum CertifiedDenovo are delighted to announce that we have achieved Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) Certification. This prestigious award recognises that Denovo are committed to the CIF Code of Practice, which amongst other things, promotes clarity and transparency across its business activities. Continue reading

More European Businesses Enjoying Benefits of Cloud Computing

The number of small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) across Europe that are making use of cloud services is on the increase, according to a survey conducted by BCSG.

The survey, the information for which was gathered by questioning approximately 600 SMBs throughout Europe, illustrated that 64 per cent of European SMBs currently make use of cloud computing solutions. Continue reading

1 in 5 European Businesses on The Cloud

New figures compiled by European Union (EU) statistics body Eurostat – which surveyed over 151,000 enterprises within the EU – show that nearly one in five businesses (19 per cent) throughout the 28 EU member states have began to take up Cloud services.

While this is good news for the European Commission’s Cloud Computing Strategy, which aims to deliver 2.5 million new European jobs and an annual 160 billion Euro boost to the EU GDP by 2020 by unleashing the potential of cloud computing, the Eurostat figures unfortunately also show that many more businesses are still holding back from migrating to cloud. Continue reading