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Tag Archives: cloud security

Denovo Achieve Cloud Industry Forum Certification

Denovo Cloud Industry Forum CertifiedDenovo are delighted to announce that we have achieved Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) Certification. This prestigious award recognises that Denovo are committed to the CIF Code of Practice, which amongst other things, promotes clarity and transparency across its business activities. Continue reading

Reasons Law Firms Should Migrate to the Cloud

Cloud computing is fast becoming the digital backbone for many law firms as an alternative to in-house data storage and IT programs – the American Bar Association’s 2013 Legal Technology Survey showed that there was a 30 per cent rise in firms using cloud computing software.

Due to the benefits of security, accessibility and centrally managed data centres maintaining by trained IT professionals, nearly one-third of all the lawyers surveyed said they used cloud in their firm. What’s more, 74 per cent said convenient access was one of the main reasons they decided to make the move to cloud, followed by constant access and affordability. It seems clear that firms are using cloud to increase productivity, which in turn means higher profits. Continue reading

Why Your Law Firm Needs a Reliable & Secure Cloud Provider?

Building on an earlier post, and continuing our ten part blog series highlighting 10 things that UK law firms, together with legal professionals across the country, should consider before choosing a cloud system supplier, this blog considers the important of choosing a provider that offers a reliable and secure service.

Cloud Computing has many benefits, including being able to access any data, on any computer, anywhere in the world. Many people are already using Cloud technology without realising it, whether it be with Apple’s iCloud or Google’s Gmail, for example. For businesses and organisations too however, Cloud can be an effective and low-cost way of storing information, rather than having to pay for and maintain local data-servers.

Despite the clear benefits, some businesses and their owners (especially lawyers) are still reluctant to convert to Cloud, being sceptical about the security and reliability of Cloud technology. Continue reading