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Tag Archives: Cloud Computing Services

Denovo Achieve Cloud Industry Forum Certification

Denovo Cloud Industry Forum CertifiedDenovo are delighted to announce that we have achieved Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) Certification. This prestigious award recognises that Denovo are committed to the CIF Code of Practice, which amongst other things, promotes clarity and transparency across its business activities. Continue reading

Denovo Welcomes Diane Ireland to the Team

Denovo are delighted to welcome Diane Ireland, who joined the company on Monday, 3rd March.

Diane is a fantastic acquisition for Denovo and brings with her extensive experience and knowledge of SLAB and Legal Aid based firms. Diane will add considerable value to our company and to our clients. Continue reading

Denovo: Helping Lawyers Understand Law Society Cloud Computing Rules

It seems clear that there is a growing trend in the legal sector towards Cloud computing from the fact many firms have already made the transition, and most others considering making the move in the future. But for those firms who haven’t yet adopted Cloud, the Law Society of Scotland has compiled some useful tips to help alleviate concerns over data storage, treatment and control.

As law firms deal with sensitive client data on a daily basis, and Cloud computing involves moving this data from the firm to the possession of the Cloud provider’s data centre, it is clear that safety and security is the highest priority. It is therefore essential that firms receive assurance from their chosen provider that all of their information will be treated and confidential, and will never be used to disclosed to third parties. Furthermore, in terms of intellectual property law, the firm should retain full ownership of the property regardless of the fact it will now be stored at the provider’s data centre. The Law Society has also recommended that firms make sure they have an explicit right to have all data returned on demand, or the ability to move it to another Cloud provider timelessly and in a useable format. Continue reading

Solve Backup Failures With Cloud Computing for Law Firms

Many law firms are finding their internal server and backup drives are failing on a regular basis. If your law firm encounters problems of this nature, the early morning “backup failed” message can quickly change the mood for the day!

Backup failures are frequently caused by a single errant file which doesn’t back up correctly. This can be as a result of a file corruption or because a file is in use. The end result is that this single file causes the backup to “fail” even where the backup itself is actually successful. Instances of clients reporting backup failures is steadily increasing due to the software settings which, in the event of a single file corruption or anomaly, can set the result of the backup to “fail”. Backup failures can also occur due to legacy hardware failures. Continue reading

Cloud Computing for Lawyers: Why the Location of Data Centres is Important

Data centres play a key role in the delivery of cloud services, and for lawyers across the United Kingdom using cloud technology, the location of the associated data centres is vitally important.

This blog, part two of a ten part series which builds upon an earlier post – 10 Things Law Firms Must Consider Before Choosing a Cloud System Supplier –  explains what data centres are in relation to cloud computing services, together with their purpose, before considering the importance of their location for law firms.

In simple terms, data centres are centralised locations for the storage, management, and dissemination of both data and information. The security and reliability of data centres and their information should therefore be a major priority for any business. Continue reading

Is Cloud Computing Key for Business Development?

Many small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) believe there is a direct link between cloud computing and increased revenue, research by Oxford Economics and Windstream Communications has discovered.

The survey shows that many SMEs are showing a real desire to use cloud computing and capitalise on to it’s potential – 36 per cent of those surveyed stating that cloud was critical to innovation strategy and 53 per cent saying it would be critical within two years. A further 40 per cent believe that cloud was helping them move to new geographic markets; and within two years 57 per cent believe it would be vital to achieving this.

But what is perhaps most impressive, is that a 50 per cent agreed that cloud computing would be “important for the long-range vision for our business”, and a massive 71 per cent said it would be vital for doing so in the next two years. Continue reading