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Switching to Cloud Computing: Lawyers Need Guided Through the Entire Process

It is inevitable that the vast expansion of Cloud computing services throughout the legal sector is only set to continue, with more and more firms transferring all or some of their IT systems over to Cloud. The Cloud’s benefits are clear – it is more mobile, versatile, can save money and can be safer. However, these benefits are only achievable if the correct Cloud provider is chosen, which is why law firms are urged to consider their options carefully before making the migration. In short, lawyers need to choose a Cloud provider that will guide them through the entire process and beyond.

Cloud computing can be complex, and therefore thorough research is key to understanding what it can offer for your firm. Any good Cloud provider will expertly explain everything you need to know in detail, including costs, software licences, hardware and telecoms infrastructures, and how it will ensure the new technology can integrate with existing IT and internet solutions within the firm. If the firms internet bandwidth is found to be inadequate for cloud conversion, it might be the case that a quicker, more power and more reliable internet service could be provider without too much extra cost, and if this is the case it should most definitely be implemented prior to migration to benefit fully from what Cloud has to offer.

Once a basic understanding of exactly what the provider can offer, firms should then address any issues they do have. The major concern for any law firm is of course always going to be security, due to the nature of the client data being stored and used. Not all providers offer the same level of security, which is why some investigation is required. You should examine how their data encryption, password protection, system back-ups and their full service history, including how many data breaches the provider has encountered and how serious they were. It is also essential for firms to discover the physical location of the providers data-centre. But once a reliable provider is chosen, you can rest assured that your data will be safe.

Law firms should also enquire into the provider’s provisions for system failure, including what their provider can offer in terms of a “cloud outage plan” to provide for contingencies for data recovery and continuity to ensure the firm continues to do business with the least disruption possible.

Once your firm is satisfied the provider meets its requirements, a plan for transition can be made. For smaller firms, Cloud migration can take just a few days or weeks, whereas for larger firms it may take months; but the Cloud provider should make the process as easy as possible. Finally, once your firm is up and running, ongoing training ought to be provided for, to ensure Cloud continues to operate seamlessly in your firm, and any issues can be easily resolved.

Contact us – Guiding UK Lawyers on Migration to the Cloud

Denovo offers secure Cloud services to legal professionals in Scotland and across the United Kingdom, guiding their clients through the whole process of moving to The Cloud, making it as easy as possible. To discuss this or to start your move to a Cloud based system, please call 0141 331 5290 You can also complete our online enquiry form.