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Technical Support 0330 313 8455

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Steven Hill


Financial Controller

Though his title is officially Financial Controller, Steven Hill as the man responsible for the day to day running of accounts, banking and payroll is a typical Denovo expert – a man with a plan across a number of fields.

During nine years with the business, the friendly voice at the end of the line answering enquiries has morphed into a formidable techie who also builds and maintain servers, instigates set-ups of clients’ cloud systems and carries out the secure, efficient and comprehensive sensitive data transfers for which Denovo sets an industry standard.

Steven says his top to tail knowledge of the Business Intelligence system and its usage is invaluable to him in terms of always having a practical and realistic response to hand for clients and colleagues alike. As a result Steven is widely viewed as the office’s go to guy if a question needs answered or a problem resolved.

He says: “If I don’t know the answer to a question people know I will find out who has the answer. In this respect, the fact that I understand both the practical and technical side of the business so well is a real help. Usually I know where to look and also what to ask.”

For Steven that means that no two days are ever the same. This is a busy, bustling office where he is just as likely to be talking a client through how they import their office emails to their new system as he is to be found working with client invoices and banking.

He says: “If you are a law firm who are looking to migrate your data and systems to the cloud then the likelihood is you will talk to me on a regular basis if you need to call the office.”
He says: “In a nutshell, I am the person who is here to make your transition as painless as possible. That’s not just in terms of software but also for your people too. When we are setting up for example, I never underestimate, for example, the importance of making sure that staff can all access their emails or that their calendars and systems are working correctly.”