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More Sporting Prowess at Denovo BI


It seems we have more strings to our bow at Denovo than excellent Cloud computing services for law firms!

Steven Hill impressed us all by competing in the Glenmore Race last weekend. In most races, the competitors will try to run a set distance as fast as they can. In the Glenmore Race, however, runners try to cover as much distance as they can over a set time.

Steven came third in the men’s 12 hour event, running a remarkable 64.37 miles. That’s more than 16 laps of the 4-mile course, and equivalent to almost two and a half marathons.

Check out the Glenmore Race website for the full results of the 12 and 24 hour events.paul-carol-george-pedal-for-scotland

We’ve also procured a picture of George, Carol, and Carol’s husband Paul, from the Pedal for Scotland event.

A huge congratulations to the team for all their achievements. .