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Scottish Law Society Using Videos to Educate the Public

The Law Society of Scotland is very much embracing technology by publishing videos online, with the aim being to educate the people of Scotland.

The latest video, entitled ‘Starting a new business’, which has only been recently released, is aimed at those who indeed what to get a business up and running in Scotland.

The video offers guidance in relation a number of relevant issues for new start-ups.

The video also strongly recommends that anyone things of starting a business should obtain legal advice.

Commenting, Eilidh Wiseman, who is the Vice President of the Law Society of Scotland, stated:

“Setting up a new business can be an exciting time but it also involves making some important decisions and a solicitor can help you to avoid problems further down the line.

“The best way to get advice when starting a new business is to see a local solicitor who can help to protect the business and avoid costly pitfalls. They can provide advice on a range of legal issues from data protection and product liability, to advising what you can say in promotional material, protecting your ideas and applying for licenses.”

Also commenting, Julie Wilson and Amy Livingstone – the Scottish entrepreneurs behind teething firm, Cheeky Chompers, stated:

“We realised that right from the start we would require legal advice to protect our intellectual property. We also knew we would need to create templates for contracts with manufacturers and distributors from around the world.

“Our top tip for anyone looking to start a new business would be that it’s best to leave legal matters to the experts! Don’t spend your time getting caught up in anything you can outsource – focus on the business and let the professionals deal with legal matters.”

To view the video or for more information, please visit: www.lawscot.org.uk/startingabusiness.

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