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Scott Napier


Legal Support Consultant

Scott Napier is a Denovo veteran of some 12 years’ standing. As a SOLAS qualified Law Accountant he is the man on hand to offer advice and training on Denovo’s Cashroom and time recording software.

He says: “The software is so straightforward, and so easy to use, that the majority of my work is done face to face when I am training clients how to get it to work for them. I am here for support but it is relatively rare that I am needed to work out problems for people. In fact, the majority of ongoing work I do is working with clients in a way that challenges the software and makes certain that clients are getting the maximum they can from their investment in our products.”

Scott believes that this ongoing process is also really important for Denovo.

“The feedback we get leads to all the ongoing changes and additions that clients get as a matter of course – these are upgrade changes that make sure that everything we offer is always ahead of the curve and crucially fully compliant with legislation and The Law Society’s requirements for maintaining a certificate to practice.”

Scott Napier came to Denovo with a background in fees accounting and time capture and he says that there is a natural apprehension that accompanies all major IT changes within law firms, precisely because, in these areas, the stakes are so high if they get it wrong.

“The question is always: ‘will I be able to do my job without downtime, upheaval and interruption?’ but within three days your fully functioning cashroom will be up and running and paying for itself, after a smooth transition.”
Outwith work, Scott Napier is also a lecturer for SOLAS (The Society of Law Accountants in Scotland) and he is a familiar face for lawyers as he teaches their Glasgow Feeing classes.

Scott is also an expert in the transfer of sensitive legal data. He says: “Sensitive data, security, financial information and a firm’s client database all offer cause for concern to lawyers and also opportunities for calamity when they are moved off-site. Again though, we are experts, genuine experts, in managing firms’ switch to the cloud.”
So much so in fact, Scot says, that when clients see what they can achieve when all their new-found interactive data is secure and in place to work for them, their typical response is simple: ‘why didn’t we take the plunge before now?’