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Ross Brown

Software Developer and Database Administrator

If his colleague David Hardie’s software provides Denovo’s skeleton and backbone, the software developer Ross Brown is best described as the business’ hidden hand.

Ross, has spent the last 11 years at Denovo working tirelessly behind the scenes developing code for existing software, enacting clients change requests and instigating fixes and solutions that give clients seamlessly integrated systems.

Ross is the man clients require to create bespoke reports on their work practices and Key Performance Indicators. He is also the person who relentlessly and patiently carries out the transfer of clients’ data, often into the wee small hours, to ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum and the transition that takes client firms from an office server into the brave new world of secure cloud computing happens with a minimum of fuss or flourish.

As a client, the chances are you will never meet the enigmatic Mr Brown. However, you will have daily cause to praise the effectiveness of his work when your Denovo system goes full steam ahead.

He says: “All the team’s hard work behind the scenes creates the pay-off of systems that clients love to use, systems where everything you need is at your fingertips and easy to read and understand. The building block foundation, especially for truly dynamic databases like ours starts with a clean historic data transfer. That gives you the base to really understand your business and see where the income streams and inefficiencies all lie hidden within your case load.

“Everything we do is done with the customers’ use in mind. That is the company’s philosophy and mine. As a result, we all go that extra mile to get things just right. I am not convinced that our competitors can say that they do that but these little details – such as completely transcribed data – really make such a difference. And that’s not just to customers usage of our software, clear, clean data also boosts their bottom line once we show them how it can be used.”