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Personal Injury Law Firms

For personal injury law firms of any size, processing client claims needn’t be an overly complicated process. Cloud computing can help simplify how claims are managed in a variety of ways, including:

  • Easy document creation and file management – Denovo Intelligent Files allows you to quickly load template documents, enter client details and view the workflow history of a case’s progress. It is also frees desk and office space, allowing you to generate paper copies of the documents you need;
  • Streamlined process – our software has been developed to allow large volumes of data to be handled efficiently while maintaining fast performance;
  • Track time and automatically generate bills – Denovo’s Intelligent Time & Files software allows time spent on individual matters relating to a personal injury claim, such as claim drafting and evidence gathering, to be tracked and automatically generated into an accurate invoice;
  • Accurate accounts – keep an eye on all the firm’s key figures with Denovo Intelligent Accounts. Fully compliant with all the regulatory standards and rules, our software allows you to link to internal software such as Excel, share information with banks and other financial institutions and organisations, and track the payment status of bills and invoices.

Cloud for Personal Injury Law Firms – Contact Denovo

Contact Denovo to discuss how we can help you take your personal injury law firm to the next level through our state-of-the-art Cloud solutions. Helping law firms in Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Birmingham and across the UK, we will explain how we can help you operate more profitably – we are not an overhead, we are a profit generator.