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New Registers of Scotland e-forms: Impact on Law Firms of Land Registration etc.(Scotland) 2012 Act

Most firregisters-of-scotland-denovo-business-intelligencems will be aware of the changes brought in by the new Land Registration etc.(Scotland) 2012 Act and the changes implemented by Registers of Scotland. These important changes came into force on 8th December 2014 and will inevitably have an impact on your firm if it currently uses the services of the Registers of Scotland.

With the introduction of the new Registers of Scotland e-forms, Denovo Business Intelligence are proud to be working closely with progressive and forward thinking law firm Inksters, to cultivate a digital solution for Legal Firms. Pioneers Inksters are leading the way towards improved legal processes by embracing technology and in re-engineering the way in which they use their CRM system.

Inksters have engaged the services of Denovo to emulsify the legal and technological changes ensuring that they remain ahead of the curve in the Legal Profession.

Inksters have been cleverly anticipating the changeover for the last few months and have skilfully applied their minds to how they will implement the solution. Inksters’ Legal Process Engineer Michelle Hynes has been working closely with David Wood at Denovo over the last few months to ensure that Inksters Processes could not only cope with the transition but would be flexible enough to grow and develop their legal processes in the future.

Hynes says “Our teams have built an excellent rapport over the last few months and our objectives of ensuring that our firm could easily manage the new system at Registers of Scotland led to us devising a legal solution which will enable our documents to be developed even further, making them even smarter as we move through the next few months.”

Denovo Business Intelligence are keen to embrace the technological changes driven by Registers of Scotland and other agencies, and in accordance with Inksters solicitors, have developed an innovative method of allowing e-forms to be populated, edited, printed and saved in PDF format straight to the client’s computerised file. Additionally, the e-forms dovetail perfectly with Denovo’s Business Intelligence Software allowing seamless integration of the digital e-forms into the client’s case file.

Watch our video from our recent Scottish Legal Conference at Microsoft’s offices in Edinburgh providing an introduction into how Denovo’s software can help you with Registers of Scotland e-forms:-

This seminar is now available online for free. Click here to request access to the seminar.

Previously, forms had to be populated, printed and then scanned in to the individual case file.   Crucially, there was no way of editing the data on the form or saving the information to disc.  The new Digital system allows documents, forms and deeds  to be created, populated, emailed and stored all within the client’s digital file reducing both paper and time.

Denovo have devised an ingenious piece of software that can allow interactive editing of the forms and also allows the user to automatically import linked data from the client database to “auto-populate” the forms, saving crucial time and resources

Denovo have been delighted to have worked in conjunction with Inksters to spearhead the development of a robust and proactive legal solution that we believe will be of benefit to most legal firms whose practice involves dealings with the Registers of Scotland.

Get in touch with Denovo Business Intelligence for a free consultation to discuss how we can streamline your work with Registers of Scotland.