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Technical Support 0330 313 8455

General Enquiries 0141 331 5290

Meet the Team

George Blair
George Blair Denovo MD George Blair has been involved in software development since 1980 and can point to a 35-year unbroken track record of working in the legal services sector.
Steven Hill
Steven Hill Though his title is officially Financial Controller, Steven Hill as the man responsible for the day to day running of accounts, banking and payroll is a typical Denovo expert...
James Campbell
James Campbell With over 20 years of experience, dating back to his days as a Field Service Engineer, Installations Manager James Campbell is the man you’ll first see when it is time...
Brian MacIntyre
Brian MacIntyre If you are a lawyer who has lost internet access, or if you are looking for advice on anti virus issues, back-up systems or restoring data you’ll find Brian Macintyre...
Margaret Buchanan
Margaret Buchanan As a Denovo employee involved in every stage of the customer process Margaret Buchanan is another key person whose official title barely does her important role justice.
David Wood
David Wood As Denovo’s document man, David Wood is someone who, in his own words, can make clients’ paperwork templates ‘sing and dance’.
David Hardie
David Hardie David Hardie is another Denovo long-termer boasting 25 years experience producing software for the UK legal market. Sometimes described as the heartbeat of...
Scott Napier
Scott Napier Scott Napier is a Denovo veteran of some 12 years’ standing. As a SOLAS qualified Law Accountant he is the man on hand to offer advice and training on Denovo’s Cashroom and time...
Nicky Ferguson
Nicky Ferguson Nicky joined Denovo in early 2014, having been recruited for her strong, practical knowledge of IT and law…
Ross Brown
Ross Brown If his colleague David Hardie’s software provides Denovo’s skeleton and backbone, the software developer Ross Brown is best described as the business’ hidden hand.
Susan Simpson
Susan Simpson Susan has been a qualified legal cashier for in excess of 12 years and also holds her SOLAS qualification…
Jacqui Sim
Jacqui Sim Jacqui brings over 20 years of skill and knowledge to this role and this includes over 3 years experience as Head Cashier...
Mariam Asad
Mariam Asad Mariam is the newest addition to our team and brings with her an HNC in Accounting from Glasgow Clyde College…
Diane Ireland
Diane Ireland As Business Development Manager with Denovo, Diane promotes our cloud software and services for law firms.
Noreen Hope
Noreen Hope Noreen specialises in customer support issues, particularly cashroom queries and general IT problems.

Denovo: What You Need To Know:

  • Denovo have a track record of making law firms more profitable for an unbroken 32 years.
  • MD George Blair has 35 years legal sector experience gained with household names such as Olivetti, Burroughs and NCR before he established Denovo as Scotland’s legal software market leader in 1982.
  • Denovo are a solid, dependable and established company who have helped law firms overcome every change-related challenge they have faced over the last three decades.
  • Denovo are the Scottish legal expert providers. We are a Scottish company and we have always been a Scottish company. Our executive ranks are packed with over 100 years of collective experience solely in the Scottish legal sector. This is something none of our competitors can claim.
  • Denovo’s software has established credibility with The Law Society and all the leading national legal authorities. The reason is because our solutions are safe, secure, reliable and effective for legal businesses.
  • Denovo’s solutions are around 30 per cent cheaper than our rivals’ equivalent products.
  • Denovo will save you money. We will also make you money because our software can identify and exploit otherwise hidden income streams within your business. Let us show you how…..