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Margaret Buchanan


IT Support Manager

As a Denovo employee involved in every stage of the customer process Margaret Buchanan is another key person whose official title barely does her important role justice.

As a client, you may well first meet Margaret at a seminar or software demonstration. It is Margaret’s job to find out what clients need their software to do and how they can maximise the returns they get from actively using their investment.

Having started out with MD George Blair 30 years ago at Olivetti, she was reunited with the boss at Denovo in 2005. She says: “In that 30 years we’ve gone from a period of manual tasks, dictaphones and typing, to word processing, email and the internet. Now we’ve taken the cashroom function into the cloud and with it firm’s data and documents. Now your IT generates leads, does the accounts and administers fees, it also makes remote working possible. This is a different world now but the available technology has to be matched up to what clients need it to do. Without that it can’t succeed.”

Margaret believes that what sets Denovo apart is the fact that everything clients need is created for them specifically and created in-house at Speirs Wharf.

She says: “We are the first and last line of defence for clients and it shines out every day that we have worked with the legal profession for a long, long time and that working in this special niche is all we do. We understand the marketplace and on a personal level, I especially like the fact that I am involved with clients, building relationships at every stage of the process.

“Our clients are our biggest advocates for the benefits of our software and they also make it work through their ongoing feedback that informs the improvements and additions we make as time goes on. It is a great source of satisfaction to me to take clients on the journey from that first demonstration to the point where they are using the software everyday and getting the maximum amount of return from it.”

You can expect to see Margaret involved at every stage of the process from initial consultancy and demonstrations to even taking her share of helpdesk duties whether a client wants a major software purchase or everyday advice on setting up a new mailbox.