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James Campbell


Installations Manager

With over 20 years of experience, dating back to his days as a Field Service Engineer, Installations Manager James Campbell is the man you’ll first see when it is time to evaluate your existing IT set-up prior to a switch to Denovo.

He says: “I advise on software and hardware procurement and my job is to make sure everything is in place at the pre-install stage to make sure you get a smooth switchover and that everything integrates effectively.”

James works with everything from one-man outfits with a laptop to major firms with multiple partners and an extensive pay-roll of legal and support staff.

“The fact is every firm has its own unique combination of hardware and software, PCs and printers of all sorts of ages and capabilities. The common factor is that all of them have to be compliant, up to date and protected.”

In over two decades working with legal firms in this area, James says that the biggest change in his work-life has been as a result of software now taking on a far more central role than hardware.

“When I started, PCs cost £3,000-£4,000. Now their equivalent machines are available for as little as £300-£400. There are challenges too that result from the need to use third parties whether for hosting, software as a service or to secure data. Denovo have lived through and met every challenges during all these different phases. That has given this team a massive bank of practical experience to call on.”

James says: “The fact that I have been here for 20 years really speaks volumes for the calibre of this company. We are a small team but a good team, with lots of complementary skills and lots of strengths. The greatest strength is the fact that we all pull together. You need that to get the right answers at time and to deliver to clients’ expectations. It is a great skill to have.”