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George Blair


Denovo MD

Having started off with Olivetti in 1980, Denovo MD George Blair has been involved in software development since then and can point to a 35-year unbroken track record of working in the legal services sector.

This is a simple fact that he says should give new, existing and potential clients alike a real source of comfort and confidence.

Not only is George Blair the established expert in his field, on both sides of the UK border, he is also the man best placed to manage the legal sector’s most imminent challenge – the transition to in The Cloud computing and office systems. Denovo were the first Scottish provider to create Cloud systems specifically for this local market.

Since 1982, George has been operating under his own Denovo banner providing law firms with software business solutions that boost the bottom line, improve office efficiency and maintain Law Society compliance.

He says: “I have seen and provided solutions for all the major challenges and changes that the legal profession has faced during my career. And as with every other challenge the legal sector has faced within this period, winning firms will find that the key to success lies firstly in managing their risks effectively and secondly, in grabbing the many exciting opportunities that occur as a result of change.”

George Blair sees the current transition of IT to The Cloud as part of a continuum that in his career gone through the era of ledger cards and dictation machines to faxes and word processing, case management software and the desktop email revolution. Cloud computing is the obvious solution befitting the era of mobile communication powered by iPhones, tablets, Office365 and social media.

He says: “Many law firms will perhaps be questioning the need to make a capital investment in Cloud computing in what is clearly a difficult financial climate. Others may be worried about the security implications for their sensitive data held on servers other than their own.

However, I would frame the question in a different way: ‘Can you really afford not to get onboard?”.

George Blair says: “Consider the cash benefits of increased office efficiency, cash-room compliance, new business lead generation and the means for you to access your secure legal and estate agency documentation from anywhere in the world with an Internet-enabled device. Then if you confirm that all these additional benefits to yourself and your business are available at around 1/3 of the cost of alternative, and in my opinion less effective, solutions then it really is a no-brainer.

“It will take a leap of faith but once you’ve seen what we can do to boost your business you will see that our software is something you want rather than something you should reluctantly feel that you need.”

The Law Society have largely dealt with the security issues surrounding remotely held data and in point of fact, the reality is that there is nothing less secure than files and documents that can be far more vulnerable to theft, loss and the effects of human error than files that are both centrally held and securely encrypted. The security of the status quo, as anyone who has lost, damaged or mislaid an important document will know too well, is largely an illusion.

As for the issue of the pros and cons of a capital investment in the current market conditions, George Blair says:“Most businesses look at their infrastructure as a necessary evil, a capital cost to be put-off as long as possible, but with Denovo’s suite of software you have a series of future-proofed, problem-solving solutions that will save you money and time straightaway, in the first instance, and then actively generate revenue and business in the medium-term with a little bit of help from us.

“Once we show you how it’s done you can look forward to profiting year after year from business that is literally waiting to be exploited by you with both new and also the existing clients on your files.”