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Denovo Intelligent Files – Client Relationship Management (CRM) & Case Management

Denovo Intelligent Files is a modern Windows based Client Relationship and Case Management software solution that provides a comprehensive Information Management System, to help transform how Legal Firms in the UK interact with their clients and how they carry out key functions. Intelligent Files delivers dramatic improvements in both organisational and individual productivity and enhances relationships with clients. Intelligent Files has been designed to fulfill the particular requirements of the Legal Profession and is suited for use by both Private Legal Firms and Legal departments of Public or Corporate Organisations.

Business Benefits

With Intelligent Files, managing a case is simple and provides an immediate workflow history of the process for staff, individual Fee Earners, Partners and Firm Managers.

As each case proceeds, every step is captured as an item of workflow history allowing the genuine replacement of a conventional paper file (although paper copies of every step are easily generated).

Intelligent Files requires a “one time only” insertion of details and provides a selection of the appropriate choices of action at each key stage of the case.

At the heart of the software is one of the worlds leading relational database platforms, Microsoft SQL Server ®, which enables the system to handle large volumes of data efficiently and at the same time deliver fast performance. The user interface has been designed to be non-complex, intuitive and easy to use, with options on customisation to suit each Firms or individual’s particular needs.

Contact Denovo: Modern CRM & Case Management Software for Law Firms UK

Contact Denovo to discuss how we can help you take your law firm to the next level through our state-of-the-art client relationship management (CRM) and case management software. Based in Glasgow, Scotland, we  help law firms across Scotland, England & Wales and Northern Ireland to operate more profitably – we are not an overhead, we are a profit generator.

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