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Executry Case Management Software (Scotland)

Denovo Intelligent Executry, a management software solution for a Scottish Legal Firm’s Executry needs. (For our probate software for law firms in England and Wales and Northern Ireland click here).

Dedicated Scottish Executry Legal Software – Seamless integration with IHT400, C1, C5 and more

Intelligent Executry is a flexible and powerful tool for Scottish law firms to be able to wind up estates as efficiently as possible, with recording, storing and manipulating the asset and liability details of an executry – along with tools which aid the production of the Inventory, the executry accounts and other required executry forms (relevant forms that are seamlessly integrated include IHT400, C1, C5 and more).

Denovo Business Intelligence’s Executry suite can either be run as a standalone application or can be part of Denovo’s intelligent software for the legal profession.

Click below for an overview of Denovo’s Executry Software.

With Intelligent Executry, adding an executry is simple and provides an immediate history of the transaction for staff, individual Fee Earners, Partners and Firm Managers.

As each executry transaction proceeds, every step is captured as an event allowing the genuine replacement of a conventional paper file (although paper copies of every step are easily generated) with fully automated generation of file notes, documents, writs, tax and court forms, other correspondence etc.

Intelligent Executry Software: Populating a New C1 Form

Watch our software in action:-

Increased Fee Earnings

The whole process of automation of workflow by Intelligent Executry lends itself to increased involvement by unqualified staff (including supervision and monitoring tools and reports for partners) thus releasing Fee Earners to deal with other fee generating work.


Intelligent Executry is flexible enough to deal with a wide range of issues including pre 1964 cases, intestacy, validity of wills etc.


Intelligent Executry slots seamlessly into the Denovo Legal Intelligence interface, harnessing the existing power and functionality of Denovo Legal Intelligence but introducing a powerful, highly automated executry tool. It offers an extra layer of functionality on top of the already powerful Client Relationship Management and Case Management tools offered by the Denovo Legal Intelligence solution.

Contact Denovo: Powerful Executry Software for Solicitors in Scotland

Contact Denovo to discuss how we can help you take your law firm to the next level through our powerful executry software. Working with law firms and solicitors across Scotland (including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fife, Dundee, Aberdeen, Inverness and many other locations) we will explain how we can help you operate more profitably – we are not an overhead, we are a profit generator.

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