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Employment Law Firms

Our modern legal practice and case management software can help firms specialising in employment law strengthen and improve:

  • Case turnaround – all client and case information need only be entered once and then quickly accessed anytime with Denovo Intelligent Files, helping you save time to work on the issues important to your client;
  • Performance – by tracking your time and applying the appropriate charge-out rate with Denovo Intelligent Time Recording and Time Charges software, you can identify which areas of work are the most profitable;
  • Quality of service to clients – Denovo Intelligent Document Storage allows you to store all correspondence and evidence relevant to a case in one easily accessible place, so you can quickly and efficiently respond to any client queries or questions.

Contact Denovo – Case Management for Employment Law Firms

Contact Denovo to discuss how we can help you take your employment law firm to the next level through our state-of-the-art case management software. Helping law firms in Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Birmingham and across the UK, we will explain how we can help you operate more profitably – we are not an overhead, we are a profit generator.