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Does the Cloud Migration Process Need to be Simplified?

With the UK Cloud adoption rate continuing to increase, the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) is calling on cloud service providers in the UK (and across the wider world) to do more to streamline the cloud migration process for end-users.

The call from CIF for cloud service providers to do more follows research recently undertaken by the organisation, which involved surveying approximately 250 UK-based IT decision-makers from the public and private sectors.

With 27 per cent of those polled having experienced contractual problems from the start of the migration process as well as 28 per cent stating that they encountered an initial decrease in employee productivity, the CIF study highlights that there are definite difficulties, which flow from switching to the cloud.

Further, a mere 10 per cent of they survey’s respondents claim their move to the cloud could not have been better while 38 per cent said the migration was complex. Additionally, 30% of those polled experienced data sovereignty issues.

Commenting, Michel Robert, who is the Managing Director of Claranet UK, stated:

“In spite of the growing maturity of the delivery model, cloud migration issues haven’t gone away and are increasing along with adoption levels…”

“The IT arrangements of many businesses, particularly those in the mid-market, are incredibly complex, and, increasingly, service providers need to take more of an active role in helping businesses to unpick them and devise migration strategies for their customers…”

Meanwhile, in other tech news, the UK government teamed up with IBM to fund a series of initiatives to expand cognitive computing and big data research.

Commenting on said initiatives, Jo Johnson, who is UK Minister for Universities and Science, stated:

“We live in an information economy – from the smart devices we use every day to the super-computers that helped find the Higgs Boson, the power of advanced computing means we now have access to vast amounts of data…”

“This partnership with IBM, which builds on our £113 million investment to expand the Hartree Centre, will help businesses make the best use of big data to develop better products and services that will boost productivity, drive growth and create jobs.”

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