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Diane Ireland

Diane Ireland

Consultant (Business Development)
PGDip eCommerce

As a consultant (Business Development) with Denovo, Diane promotes our cloud software and services for law firms through seminars, conferences and training for new and existing clients.

Before Joining Denovo in 2015, Diane worked with the Scottish Legal Aid Board for 29 years. She spent the best part of a decade involved in all aspects of moving the legal profession from a paper based system to a fully online service. Through this role, she spent time in solicitor firms gaining an understanding of their working practices in dealing with legal aid; not just the legal side, but also administration.

Working very closely with the legal profession and their staff, she helped to identify their business requirements and match that with SLAB’s. This involved providing the training network and support required to assist legal firms in the move, successfully moving all the legal profession to using online for 100% of their applications.

In moving into digital services for law firms, Diane was responsible for setting up facilities allowing solicitors to speak to clients in prison via VC links from laptops or tablets.

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