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Denovo’s introduction to customer care

Denovo at Glasgow Clyde College

Denovo were once again delighted to participate in this year’s vocational customer care programme at Glasgow Clyde College. We were warmly welcomed by the 2nd year students studying “Skills for Life and Work” at the Cardonald Campus. The theme of our visit was Customer Care in the workplace and we presented to the students in their classroom environment, demonstrating fun and engaging ways to learn the principles of customer service. We enjoyed engaging with the students and we discussed with them their career aspirations for the future, which included a range of industries including care, retail and catering/hospitality.

Demonstrations by Denovo staff included examples of how not to go about customer care and ideas of how to maximise customer satisfaction. We were most impressed by the students and how quickly they even spotted our subtler attempts at good and bad customer service behaviour! The purpose of the demonstration was to equip the students with the key components required to succeed in the workplace. We highlighted methods of developing and strengthening customer relations and improving customer care skills.

Customer care at DenovoIn keeping with last year, we set the students a task to complete a short essay which Denovo would review and issue prizes for the best 3 essays. These were to be submitted during their on-site visit to our Glasgow based premises where they could observe customer service skills in a live working environment.

The students arrived on site at the Denovo offices, keen to observe us in action and hungry for more knowledge! After a brief presentation, the students circulated throughout our various departments to gain an overview as to how each person in the company contributed to customer service. The students were very engaging and asked a range of relevant and interesting questions.

We returned to the college on 28th May to present the prizes to the students for the best 3 essays. The students had prepared Powerpoint Presentations highlighting what they thought were the pertinent points of good customer service in the workplace. It was fantastic to see what they had remembered from their visit to Denovo a few weeks ago. The presentation skills were excellent and they highlighted interesting facts about what they had observed in a workplace environment. Each of the 10 students diligently prepared a presentation detailing their visit and what they thought were important factors in customer care – common themes such as communication, good eye contact and friendliness were all mentioned. It was clear to see that the students had enjoyed their experience at Denovo and hopefully this will help them in their respective careers.

We were delighted to help with the students and hopefully they gained new knowledge and can apply it in years to come!

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We’re able to provide this training because we practice excellent customer care every day. To speak to us about moving to the cloud with Denovo, call us or fill in an online contact form.