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David Wood


Document Process Expert

As Denovo’s document man, David Wood is someone who, in his own words, can make clients’ paperwork templates ‘sing and dance’.

His aim is to create personalised solutions for clients. That is, documents that require minimal input to achieve the slick, consistent results you are looking for. He confirms that he can help lawyers and support staff work more efficiently because smarter documents are less time and labour intensive in their preparation and more effective in their use.

David Wood says that after 20 years in the business he is in an excellent position to evaluate the impact of solutions that eradicate many of the repetitive tasks formerly synonymous with law firms’ work.

He says: “We are in a position to liberate employees and create more dynamic time management options for them. Until recently lawyers and their staff have been slaves to the process of creating legal documents. I can free you from that treadmill and help you make sure that your documents work for you – rather than the other way around.”

Renowned for his patience and his attention to detail David’s work involves collecting firms’ existing document collections and creating dynamic, streamlined templates from it that respond to the lawyers’ needs and also work to create a uniform look and style of documents that is consistent with firms’ branding.

He says: “The software is impressive and the benefits are very evident. The key is that I can set the templates up that you need as a client within a robust document management system and then train you to get the maximum out of it. And of course, as you’d expect, I am always on the end of the phone if ever an issue arises where you need some help at a future time.”