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David Hardie


Software Development Manager

David Hardie is another Denovo long-termer boasting 25 years experience producing software for the UK legal market. Sometimes described as the heartbeat of Denovo, it is certainly fair to say that David Hardie’s software is the skeleton on which everything else relies within the company.

The enthusiastic Software Development Manager is both as proactive as he is personable and, in an industry where commonsense explanations are rarely the lingua franca between coders and customers, he stands out as someone who is adept at pre-empting client’s needs even where they themselves are struggling to articulate them.

He says: “It is a massive advantage that I write all the legal software and also understand how it will be applied. I have worked in this sector now for 25 years. I don’t have a gold watch yet but I do have a lot of experience in dealing with law firms, of every shape and size, interpreting their ideas and crucially pulling everything altogether so it works.

“Basically, he says, “I am immersed in it. I know the terminology, the nuts and bolts, the tech, the conceptual angles and all the legal changes too. I can’t think of anyone outside Denovo who would have that level of experience in this extremely specialist sector.”

All the benefit of David Hardie’s collected wisdom is delivered front of house in a winning style that is as easy to implement and understand as David’s software is to use.

The developer believes that the fact that Denovo create all their products in-house is both a unique offer in a niche marketplace and also of great worth to clients who deal with and rely on the support of experts who make all their own produce thereafter. Crucially, Denovo’s in-house team also understand how their work for lawyers all fits together with existing IT office systems.

David says: “In terms of what clients see from me, they’ll typically meet me when they are looking to integrate software and systems such as document management packages or their banking requirements to their existing IT. I also design customer facing portals on client’s websites. My preference is always for solutions that are slick but also robust and very straightforward to use.”

He says: “For the first 10 years of my career as a developer I learned how to do lots of very complex things. However, the real skill in programming is using your accumulated expertise to refine your skills to create simpler and simpler solutions that carry maximum impact in terms of how easily they can be integrated and used.”