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Criminal Law Firms

Being able to organise and handle large caseloads to tight deadlines is an important part of being a legal professional, but particularly so for those involved in criminal work.

Cloud for Criminal Defence Law Firms

Our cloud based software in your criminal law firm can help by streamlining the management and process of every aspect of a criminal case, while also helping you keep well organised for court appearances and client interviews:

  • Client management – Denovo Intelligent Files is client and case management software that can handle large volumes of information and allows you to enter and access client and case details quickly and easily;
  • Track the progress of cases – Denovo Intelligent Time & Files records the time spent on client matters, such as travelling to prison, court appearances and taking precognitions, so you can track the progress on ongoing cases and bill accurately;
  • Intelligent scheduling –  Denovo Intelligent Court Diary has been designed specifically for lawyers that appear in court so that multiple appointments can be added to ever time slot, outcomes recorded and new appointments added, even when out the office;
  • Manage legal aid workflow – tracking the value of fees and the status of submitted claims is easy with Denovo Intelligent Legal Aid. The software offers a flexible range of input methods that allows you to manage and record legal aid work done and payments received.

Contact Denovo

Contact Denovo to discuss how we can help you take your law firm to the next level through our state-of-the-art case management software. Helping law firms in Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Birmingham and across the UK, we will explain how we can help you operate more profitably – we are not an overhead, we are a profit generator.