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Technical Support 0330 313 8455

General Enquiries 0141 331 5290

CIF Code of Practice Disclosures

Denovo have committed to undertaking Cloud Industry Forum Accreditation. As part of this, we are fully committed to their Codes of Practice which promote clarity, commitment and capability.

Compliance with Code

We confirm that Denovo Business Intelligence Ltd is committed to the principles of Transparency, Capability and Accountability which are embodied in the Cloud Industry Forum’s Code of Practice, because these help create a more trustworthy business environment for cloud-based processing.

We confirm that Denovo Business Intelligence Ltd is committed to complying with the specific requirements of the Cloud Industry Forum’s Code of Practice.

While Denovo Business Intelligence Ltd has made the commitment to the Code, customers/third parties shall note that information or certification provided by the Cloud Industry Forum does not constitute advice from or endorsement by the Cloud Industry Forum. The Cloud Industry Forum disclaims any and all liability arising out of the use of services or otherwise of certified organizations. Where disclosed information or capabilities as specified by the Code of Practice are essential in purchasing cloud services from a certified organization, it/these should be cited contractually. Professional advice appropriate to specific circumstances should always be obtained.

CIF Code of Practice Disclosures

The following public declaration information is the latest available.

Company Information

Corporate Name: Denovo Business Intelligence Limited
Operating Address: 40 Speirs Wharf, Glasgow, G4 9TH
Alternative trading name: N/A
Websites used by company: www.denovobi.com
Date of formation: 11/11/2009
Legal Status: Limited company
Registration Number: SC368321
Ownership: Private Limited Company
Director/s: George Blair

Executive Management

Managing Director: George Blair
Company Secretary: Steven Hill

Full Scope of Operations

Countries with local operations: United Kingdom
Countries with data centres: United Kingdom
Scope of services: IAAS, SAAS, CRM Service, Backup Service, Email Services, DRAAS, Managed IT Services, Portal Services, Security (IT) Services, Storage Applications.

CIF Website Verification

Denovo Cloud Industry Forum Certified