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Changes in the Cloud Industry: Predictions for 2016

Forbes recently released their 2016 Roundup of Cloud computing which focussed on the growth of the cloud, the success of enhanced security in the cloud and other growing aspects of the digital business in 2015.

However, the post also included a number of predictions for what lies ahead for cloud computing in 2016. We take a look at four of the major predictions for cloud technology in the next year.

The Future of Cloud Computing: Four Predictions

The Growth of the Hybrid Cloud

Among the most popular predictions in regards to cloud computing is the growth of the hybrid cloud. A hybrid cloud is the combination of an internal cloud and an external cloud system operating in the same organisation. Such a system effectively grants the benefits of a public cloud but allows large companies to store highly confidential or high-level documents in a private space. The growth of the hybrid cloud began in 2015, but experts are predicting a substantial growth in the hybrid space in the next year. A recent study from F5 Networks showed that 80% of companies are building hybrid clouds, according to a survey of 3,000 architects and engineers.

Security will continue to be Paramount

Regardless of whether companies are still using hardware to protect files or if they have the highest level of protection on documents, security will always remain a concern. While some companies expressed concern about moving to the cloud due to security, the cloud system has evolved and developed some of the best security in the world. This is because where there is sensitive data, there tends to be more security in place. There has been substantial investment in cloud security and as larger companies begin to invest in the technology, experts have stated that they expect security to increase as companies and law firms embracing the cloud also increases.

Removal of Barriers to the Cloud

Experts have stated that companies that were prohibited from using cloud technology will be able to move to the system further enhancing the popularity of the cloud. Organisations that were hampered by strict compliance requirements or regulations will find that in 2016, these barriers will be removed.

Cloud Data Storage

With more investment in the Cloud Computing industry, it is predicted that more companies will use the cloud to store data safely. Market research from Markets and Markets show that the cloud storage market “is expected to grow from $18.87 billion in 2015 to $65.41 billion by 2020” and with increased security measures to be put in place, it is likely that more companies will begin to store in the cloud.

Advantages of the Cloud for Law Firms

The cloud has many advantages and is allowing companies to store and share information safely. Such technology can be exceptionally useful for law firms as it allows flexibility when working, the sharing of documents and remote access without having to go into the office. The cloud can also enhance security for businesses ensuring that documents can only be seen by those with permission to access such documents.

Embracing the Cloud in 2016? Contact Us

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