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Campaigns – Email & Marketing Management Software

Intelligent Campaigns is a specially designed e-mail campaign / marketing management software for law firms that will allow you to create and send high impact branded emails to your target clients in a few easy steps. Find out how by using Intelligent Campaigns you can drive low-cost, highly effective marketing campaigns into your client base.

Why E-Mailshots, why Denovo Intelligent Campaigns?


  • Email campaigns are a cost effective way of communicating with your existing and potential clients, with virtually no outlay and without the costs usually associated with traditional mail.
  • Intelligent Campaigns can help you build strong business relationships, generating loyalty and repeat business.
  • An HTML e-mailshot costs a fraction of its paper equivalent – but that’s too simple a comparison. The flexibility of e-mailshot campaigns means that you’ll start marketing in an entirely different way.

Ease of Use

  • Intelligent Campaigns is easy and intuitive to use. Once set up, you can easily produce your own campaigns, or one-off emailers to individuals.
  • High quality newsletters and client campaigns are easy to manage. Using your existing client details and with a few clicks and you can easily send out newsletters and marketing information to specific target audiences.


  • Intelligent Campaigns will allow you to send out new campaigns and respond to client needs and market changes instantly, never missing an opportunity.
  • Your message to your clients will instantly appear in each recipient’s inbox.

Higher Return on Investment

  • Email marketing has the potential to offer a higher return on investment than any other media such as press, television, radio and direct marketing, in addition to this an HTML E-Mailshot costs a fraction of its paper equivalent.

Highly Visual

HTML emails don’t just give you “pretty pictures” – they directly boost your bottom-line business. That’s why Intelligent Campaigns pays for itself many times over.

Using striking headlines, colours, pictures and a clear layout, they grab the readers attention compared with sending masses of text. Intelligent Campaigns looks professional and maintain company brands standing out in a crowded inbox.

Intelligent Campaigns is fully inclusive meaning that a text only equivalent email can be sent automatically to those on your mailing list who cannot receive HTML emails.

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Intelligent Campaigns

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