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Brian MacIntyre


Network Support Engineer

If you are a lawyer who has lost internet access, or if you are looking for advice on anti virus issues, back-up systems or restoring data you’ll find Brian Macintyre a refreshing alternative to the norm. He is a techie who can discuss computer problems in the language of everyday English.

A relative newcomer to Denovo with three year’s service, Brian arrived at Spiers Wharf after serving at household name firms such as Britoil, British Aerospace and the Swiss pharmaceutical conglomerate Roche. The experience of his CV has taught him though, that big does not necessarily mean beautiful from an employee’s perspective.

He says: “It is refreshing to be at Denovo. As a smaller firm we are more agile than a big bureaucracy with lots of offices. It is easier to find an answer to a client’s problem if you need to consult the collective knowledge of your colleagues who are sitting alongside you. It is also easier to get a decision and a swift, proactive response when you need one. For example I can be manning the software support helpline here when a call comes in. If the best solution is that I jump in the car and fix the issue with the client alongside me at their offices then I will go ahead and get agreement to go and do that.”

Brian Macintyre splits his time between manning Denovo’s software helpline and helping clients on site. He’s the man ‘at the coalface’ who you’ll find making sure your PCs are all up to date and your day to day IT is working effectively and efficiently.