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Choosing Denovo is only the beginning

Choosing a new practice management software solution can be a daunting prospect

Worrying about continuity of data or learning new software can be a big concern but one we can address with a proven track record of full & complete data transfers.

We take pride in our on-boarding process to ensure you can quickly reap the benefits of a Whole Practice Software Solution.

Peace of Mind with Law Society Compliance

Our accounts processes ensure your data is secure, up to date and compliant with Law Society Accounts Rules on a daily basis.

One less headache to worry about allowing you run your practice more efficiently and freeing time.

Recent additions include Making Tax Digital compatibility and our software will always be updated with the latest regulatory requirements and enhanced features.

Enabling collaboration one department at a time

Break away from fragmented software deployment across your practice.

We often come across firms using three or four different software solutions to run their practice.

We offer a Whole Practice Solution which removes the need for duplication of data and can streamline processes.

Make Time work Smarter

We recognise that time constraints can be a major factor and overheads need to be managed to ensure improved profitability.

Repetitive tasks such as typing out the same letter multiple times per day can be avoided.

Our Document Management can insert smarter practices to incorporate templates & styles which will work smarter for you and free valuable time.

April Newsletter

Welcome to our new monthly newsletter where we aim to update with you with what is going on in Denovo and to provide you with information which will help you use Denovo more effectively in your law firm.

We hope the updates are of value to you.

Denovo Product Roadmap

Have your say in less than 10 simple questions (will only take a few minutes)

We are currently working on some exciting new developments in how you use your Denovo software.

As we are planning upcoming features we work to understand the current pain points customers are experiencing, how you are currently overcoming them and how you would like to work differently in the future.

This quick survey will support building a Product Roadmap around your needs.

Take the Survey Now

Don’t be left in the dark

Remember our software comes with full help and support and our dedicated helpdesk are on hand to assist with any queries about functionality.

We like our clients to get full use of all aspects of the software so don’t stay silent if you have an issue that is affecting your use of the software.

Email helpdesk@denovobi.com to log any support tickets to receive the quickest response time.

Legal Specialist Cashroom Services

We recognise that Law Society compliance with cashroom functions is a primary concern for all our law firms.

Here at Denovo we employ fully SOLAS qualified legal cashiers that can run your firm’s legal accounts and make sure that your firm is practising within the Law Society of Scotland’s Accounting rules.

Has your cashier moved on or retired? 

Are you starting up a new firm?

Our expert SOLAS qualified staff can run your day to day accounts functions while making sure that your firm is practising within the Law Society of Scotland’s Accounting rules and provide you with management information and Management Accounts allowing you to focus on your business.

We can also provide you with start-up advice and guidance making sure your accounts are on the right track at the outset.


Denovo Seminar for Law Firms, Dunfermline: 17th November 2016

Date:   Thursday November 17th
Time:  various times
Venue:  The Vine Conference Centre, 131 Garvock Hill, Dunfermline, Fife, KY11 4JU

This is a free event.

Click below to register now:

If you cannot attend, but would like to receive further information about Denovo Intelligent Cloud® software solutions please fill out our Contact Form.

New Denovo BI Seminar for Law Firms in Inverness 23rd June 2016

Date:   Thursday 23rd June 2016
Time:  9am, 1.30pm & 5pm: Executry & Intelligent Properties (9am);   Legal Aid (1:30pm or 5pm)
Venue:   Mercure Hotel Inverness, 33 Church Street, Inverness, IV1 1DX

This is a free event.

Click below to register now:

If you cannot attend, but would like to receive further information about Denovo Intelligent Cloud® software solutions please fill out our Contact Form.

Cloud Use Increases in Regulated Industries

A new study from a Cloud security firm has revealed that government agencies and many large businesses have adopted The Cloud in the last year.

According to cloud security firm Bitglass, there has been a 71% surge in Cloud usage across both government agencies and large corporations in the last twelve months. The group analysed traffic from around 130,000 organisations in North America and found that the vast majority of companies had embraced The Cloud and other tools such as Microsoft 365 and Google Apps. Continue reading

Should Scottish Judiciary be more Diverse?

The Law Society of Scotland believes the country should have a more diverse judiciary, and to allow for such, has made a series of suggestions of how best that is achieved.

The Law Society’s suggestions, which are listed in a paper responding to a judicial appointments diversity steering group report (Merit and diversity – Compatible aspirations in judicial appointments?), include: Continue reading

Legal Aid Surgery – Falkirk

Date: Wednesday 4th November 2015
Time: 13.00 – 16.00 Or 17.00 – 20.00
Venue: Best Western Park Hotel, Falkirk

We will be running our free surgery for Legal Aid Practitioners again, this time in Falkirk. Diane Ireland (previously SLAB) will demonstrate how to ensure SLAB compliance whilst maximising your fee income. Diane will highlight methods that will increase the fee per case and eliminate abatements.

Continue reading

Scottish Digital Skills Academy to Address Nation’s Skilled Software Developer Shortage

A Digital Skills Academy – CodeClan – has been established in Scotland with the aim being to help address the lack of skilled software developers in the country.

An initial fifteen students have now started at the academy are said students are due to graduate in January 2016.  Continue reading

Lawyer-client Communications to become Protected by Statute?

With the fast approaching Investigatory Powers Bill, the Law Society of England and Wales together with the Bar Council, is calling for privileged communications between lawyers and their clients to become protected by statute. The UK professional bodies are paper on the topic, which specifically focuses on balancing privacy and security.

The joint statement from Law Society and Bar Council suggests that:

1. Legal professional privilege is a vital principle of the administration of justice. It is the mark of a democratic society that citizens can consult a legal adviser in absolute confidence that the information they exchange will not be disclosed without the client’s authority. There are safeguards to prevent the abuse of legal professional privilege for criminal purposes.

2. The current legal framework for the exercise of investigatory powers is not fit for purpose. Next month’s Investigatory Powers Bill is an opportunity to consider and debate a new law.

3. The new law should expressly protect legal professional privilege from the activities of public authorities seeking to use investigatory powers, including the acquisition of communications data.

4. The new law should make clear that the deliberate targeting and use of legally privileged information is unlawful.

5. Protecting legally privileged communications would not pose any risk to legitimate investigations because legal professional privilege does not apply where the lawyer-client relationship is being abused for a criminal purpose.

6. More generally, the new law should include a system of prior judicial authorisation for all covert information-gathering by a public authority.

7. Bulk interception of communications or retention of communications data is questionable in a democratic society, but if such powers are approved by parliament, there should be special provisions to protect privileged communications between lawyers and their clients.

Commenting, current Law Society President, Jonathan Smithers, stated:

‘Legal professional privilege protects a client’s fundamental right to be candid with their legal adviser without fear that someone is listening in or that what they say will be disclosed to their prejudice.

‘The absence of explicit protection for legal professional privilege in earlier surveillance legislation has been of long-standing concern to the Law Society. Documents released before the Investigatory Powers Tribunal earlier this year illustrated the inadequacy of the existing legislation.

‘The government now has the opportunity to debate legislation that gives statutory protection to the client-lawyer relationships that a civilised society depends on, while including safeguards against abuse for criminal purposes.’

Also commenting, Bar Council Chairman, Alistair MacDonald QC, stated:

‘Intelligence agencies must not be allowed to spy on communications between clients and their lawyers. When you are defending yourself against the state or find yourself in a dispute against a public authority, it would be grossly unfair for them to listen in on conversations with your lawyer.

‘We have seen too many examples of prosecutions wrecked because it was found that a public authority had eaves-dropped on a conversation that should have remained private.

‘This is not special pleading for lawyers; the privilege is that of the client. Legal professional privilege has existed for centuries to enable clients to have a fair trial. We will be studying the draft Investigatory Powers Bill closely in the hope that it provides sufficient protection for privileged communications and the associated meta-data, which reveals information such as who sent it, when, where and from which device.

‘No argument at all has been made as to why privilege should be revoked and we must make sure that legislators do not sleep-walk into approving a bill that would corrupt the administration of justice.’

For more information, please visit: https://www.lawsociety.org.uk/news/press-releases/lawyers-call-for-statutory-protection-of-lawyer-client-communications/

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