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April Newsletter

Welcome to our new monthly newsletter where we aim to update with you with what is going on in Denovo and to provide you with information which will help you use Denovo more effectively in your law firm.

We hope the updates are of value to you.

Denovo Product Roadmap

Have your say in less than 10 simple questions (will only take a few minutes)

We are currently working on some exciting new developments in how you use your Denovo software.

As we are planning upcoming features we work to understand the current pain points customers are experiencing, how you are currently overcoming them and how you would like to work differently in the future.

This quick survey will support building a Product Roadmap around your needs.

Take the Survey Now

Don’t be left in the dark

Remember our software comes with full help and support and our dedicated helpdesk are on hand to assist with any queries about functionality.

We like our clients to get full use of all aspects of the software so don’t stay silent if you have an issue that is affecting your use of the software.

Email helpdesk@denovobi.com to log any support tickets to receive the quickest response time.

Legal Specialist Cashroom Services

We recognise that Law Society compliance with cashroom functions is a primary concern for all our law firms.

Here at Denovo we employ fully SOLAS qualified legal cashiers that can run your firm’s legal accounts and make sure that your firm is practising within the Law Society of Scotland’s Accounting rules.

Has your cashier moved on or retired? 

Are you starting up a new firm?

Our expert SOLAS qualified staff can run your day to day accounts functions while making sure that your firm is practising within the Law Society of Scotland’s Accounting rules and provide you with management information and Management Accounts allowing you to focus on your business.

We can also provide you with start-up advice and guidance making sure your accounts are on the right track at the outset.