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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Are you Unhappy with your Cloud Provider?

With an estimated 93% of UK businesses now using Cloud technologies at least in some capacity – it is clear that said Cloud tech can and do help businesses right here in the Untitled Kingdom and all of the world.

This is perhaps no surprise given that increased productivity, efficiency and savings are but some of the advantages of using the Cloud.
Unfortunately, according to new research – by ElasticHosts – it seems that many Cloud users aren’t completely satisfied with their respective Cloud providers, with expectations exceeding specific gains. Continue reading

Public Sector Cut backs Causing Digital Transformation

According to an iGov Survey cut backs in the public sector are leading to an increased uptake in the adoption of cloud computing services.

In terms of specifics, the report, prepared on behalf of Ancoris, found that 82 per cent (82%) of senior government employees believe these times of austerity are resulting in a digital transformation in the cloud direction. Continue reading

Finding the Right Cloud Service Provider is Crucial for UK Businesses…and Lawyers

New research shows that Seventy-five per cent (75%) of businesses in the United Kingdom (UK) are ‘frustrated’ with the adoption of cloud computing services.

The recent project, which involved surveying one thousand (1000) senior business managers within the UK, was undertaken by Arlington Research and StratoGen. Said report found that: Continue reading

UK Businesses Need Developed Cloud Computing Strategies

Cloud computing solutions, when implemented in the work place, can help businesses in the United Kingdom, grow and develop –according to a new report from Cisco and analyst firm, IDC.

The study, which involved questioning executives from 3,400 organisations across seventeen countries, suggests that were are now seeing phrase two of cloud adoption with companies looking to reap the benefits of the cloud and develop further. Continue reading

Scottish Law Society Using Videos to Educate the Public

The Law Society of Scotland is very much embracing technology by publishing videos online, with the aim being to educate the people of Scotland.

The latest video, entitled ‘Starting a new business’, which has only been recently released, is aimed at those who indeed what to get a business up and running in Scotland. Continue reading

Stress is Major Problem for Solicitors in England & Wales

According to data recent released by The Law Society, stress is a problem for the majority of lawyers in England and Wales.

The research, which looked at the health and wellbeing of lawyers in England and Wales, found that ninety-six per cent (96%) of lawyer respondents are experiencing negative stress while the number of solicitors enduring ‘severe’ or ‘extreme’ stress levels rose from sixteen per cent (16%) in 2013 to the present nineteen per cent (19%). Continue reading